Ford Mondeo 2016 – Sedan, 2.0 EcoBoost, Black

Exquisite design and unmatched exclusivity define this masterpiece.

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Pricing for Ford Mondeo 2016 – Sedan, 2.0 EcoBoost, Black
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Discover the sleek and powerful 2016 Ford Mondeo in a stunning black finish. This sedan, equipped with the 2.0 EcoBoost engine, delivers both style and performance.


  • Year of production: 2016
  • Color: Black
  • Engine: 2.0 EcoBoost
  • Body type: Sedan

Elegance and Performance: The Ford Mondeo 2016 stands out with its elegant design and commanding presence on the road. The sedan body type ensures a sophisticated and comfortable ride, perfect for daily commutes and long journeys alike.

Advanced EcoBoost Technology: Powered by the efficient 2.0 EcoBoost engine, this Mondeo offers a thrilling driving experience with impressive acceleration and fuel economy. Experience the perfect balance between power and efficiency in every mile.

Spacious Interior and Cutting-Edge Features: Step inside the Mondeo, and you’ll find a spacious and well-crafted interior with modern features designed to enhance your driving pleasure. From the latest infotainment system to advanced safety technologies, the Mondeo has it all.

Safety and Peace of Mind: Safety is a top priority in the Ford Mondeo 2016. It comes equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features and advanced driver-assistance systems to protect you and your passengers on the road.

Experience the Ford Mondeo 2016: Unleash the full potential of the Ford Mondeo 2016 by getting behind the wheel. Contact us today to learn more about reserving this exceptional sedan or to explore our attractive offers.