BMW 525xd 2014 – Station Wagon, Black

BMW 525xd 2014 – A luxurious black station wagon offering style and performance. Experience comfort and practicality in one prestigious ride. Rent it now for an unforgettable driving experience.

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Pricing for BMW 525xd 2014 – Station Wagon, Black
Day based pricing :
1 - 2 days : 450.00  / Day
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5 - 8 days : 350.00  / Day
9 - 30 days : 300.00  / Day
31 - 60 days : 250.00  / Day
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BMW 525xd 2014 – Station Wagon, Black

Welcome to our car rental, where you can experience the luxurious BMW 525xd from the year 2014. This elegant black station wagon combines exceptional performance and style.


  • Year of production: 2014
  • Color: Black
  • Engine: 525xd (diesel)

Elegance and Performance: The BMW 525xd 2014 offers a perfect blend of luxury and performance. Its black exterior accentuates its exclusive character, while the 525xd engine delivers dynamic and smooth driving.

Practical Station Wagon: With its station wagon body type, the BMW 525xd 2014 provides ample cargo space and a comfortable interior. It’s the perfect solution for families, travelers with large luggage, or equipment.

Comfort and Modernity: The interior of this BMW is thoughtfully designed for your comfort. Equipped with the latest technologies and amenities, it ensures an exceptional driving experience.

Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. Our cars are regularly serviced, and the BMW 525xd 2014 comes equipped with advanced safety systems to provide a peaceful and secure journey.

Rent the BMW 525xd 2014: Don’t wait any longer! Rent this luxurious BMW 525xd 2014 and enjoy an unforgettable drive. Contact us to learn more and reserve this prestigious station wagon today!